Reshaping the Future of Corporate Travel

A corporate travel booking tool in one platform.


We revolutionize corporate travel 

QONI is a full-service corporate travel management firm that specializes in using technology to revolutionize corporate travel solutions. With a broad complete and wide-ranging travel services, we provide a smart and user-friendly booking experience, as well as increased savings, productivity, and compliance to your travel policy.

What We Provide 


Consolidated Invoicing

We can help you save time and money by centralizing all of your employees' pre-trip travel expenses into one account and offering extensive support tools and accurate reporting.


Travel Policy

Create a flexible travel policy to define your company's travel arrangements procedures and rules, including which travel expenses are paid by departments and how to manage the reimbursement process. This is to ensure that all business trips run smoothly, are appropriately safeguarded, meeting all company requirements.


Budget Control

Create a clear travel and spending strategy that helps to maximize spending for every potential item while also allowing the finance team to build better forecast. 


Travel Data Reports

Only what can be measured can be managed. We will supply you with the most effective business travel reporting. by providing you with the data you require to make informed decisions about how to get the most out of your business travel program


You Plan, We Deliver

We strive to be the most comprehensive corporate travel management software provider by serving as a centralized travel hub for all of your business travel needs, offering simple and intuitive access to your booking, global safety advice, forecasting, budget control, tender management, reporting, risk management, and profile management travel tools.

We bring our expertise to multiple business travel sectors, developing the platform to support all your business needs.


Our Focus Areas



QONI is the Group's revolutionary platform that was established to provide corporate clients with cutting-edge booking technology to help them manage and safeguard their travel expense budget.



QONI is equipped with cutting-edge online reservation technologies. The simplest yet most powerful method to managing your business travel, with real-time risk alerts to maximize safety & security measures before and during travel.


Highly Personalised Services

QONI was founded by a group of experienced, competent, and knowledgeable travel and hospitality industry professionals.

Our Dedicated team will be working with you to ensure seamless, effective and meet your travel program objective.

  • We are committed to improving your User Experience ( UX)

  • Experience business travel with our subject specialist.

  • Technical assistance to meet your organization set up and infrastructure 


We offer straightforward pricing plans to help you find one hat fits the needs of your business


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Free access to booking tools including

  • Travel data report

  • Shared concierge

  • Exclusive rates

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